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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is infrared safe?
A. Infrared energy is part of the range of electromagnetic rays that are absolutely necessary for metabolism and growth of human beings and is also part of the natural light spectrum of sunlight minus the skin damaging UV rays, which is why NASA currently uses this type of energy in space.   It is also vibration energy, with which the human body resonates.   This is the reason that it can penetrate through the skin. Infrared is so safe it is used to warm premature babies.

Q. I don’t know much about infrared, can you explain it to me?
A. Sunlight is a combination of visible, UV and infrared light.  Infrared is longer in wavelength than visible light and starts just after the visible color of red.  Infrared is the safest and healthiest spectrum of sunlight.

Infrared light from the sun accounts for 70% of the heating of the Earth, the rest being caused by visible light.  It is therefore understood that a good combination of visible light and infrared offer the most benefits in electromagnetic heating of objects that absorb infrared such as the human body.   

Other forms of heat such as fire and ceramic heaters, etc, warm a person by heating the surrounding air that touches the person which does not penetrate deeply into the body.  Infrared heat penetrates the skin and is much more effective. 

Certain infrared wavelengths also interact with living cells increasing metabolism, energy production, and causing more fuel (calories) to be burned.

Q. What is the difference between the SaunaLite and Far Infrared Saunas?

A. The first difference is only the SaunaLite is used in conjunction with working out, giving you the well-known benefits of exercise. 

The Second difference is the wavelength of light.  The SaunaLite produces near-infrared (600nm – 900nm) while the Infrared Sauna produces far-infrared (6,000nm – 14,000nm).  The human cells have light sensitive chemicals called chromophores which react to light in the 600nm – 900nm range. When stimulated by energy in this range, the cells produce more ATP which is the energy source that powers every muscle and increases metabolism.  Near-infrared also causes DNA synthesis in the fibroblasts of the cells which makes the skin more elastic and younger looking.  In addition, near-infrared promotes cellular healing, thus reducing the recovery time after a workout.  Far-infrared does not have these same beneficial reactions with cells.  Near-infrared also penetrates much deeper, up to 23 cm’s deep, as compared to approximately 3 cm’s for far-infrared.

Far-infrared is used without exercise while relaxing and is very effective in heating up the body.  Both the SaunaLite and Far-Infrared Saunas accelerate the body’s natural detoxification processes.  Many people use the far-infrared saunas in addition to the SaunaLite, as there are benefits to both. 

Q.  How long has this technology been around? 
A. Infratherapy in a similar fashion has been used in Europe and Asia since 1999.  It is only now catching on in North America.  The SaunaLite is the first device known to be adaptable to existing cardio equipment giving you a choice of exercise equipment.

Q.  Why haven't I seen this type of device before? 
A. Similar technology has been commercially available in Europe since 2000 under the names of Logistat, Cellubike, Cellulite Bike, Cardio Cor and PhysioRED but is very expensive. The patent pending SaunaLite is the first device in the world that makes this technology affordable for health clubs, personal trainers, spas, rehab centers, and even home use.

Q. Will I get a tan from using SaunaLite?
A. No, SaunaLite uses Infrared energy not Ultra Violet (UV) rays.  SaunaLite, however, does bring blood closer to the skin surface which helps oxidize the melanin in your skin increasing the effectiveness of a tanning bed if used just prior to tanning.

Q. Will I feel too hot and be uncomfortable?
A. No, just the opposite. You can compare the feeling of using a SaunaLite to the feeling when the sun comes out from behind a cloud on a cold day.  The sun warms you comfortably.  Most people after 1-3 sessions get “addicted” to the “good feeling” of using the SaunaLite. 

It is important to stay hydrated.  We recommend drinking 16 ounces of water - 8 ounces during, and 8 ounces after each session.

Q. What level of fitness do I need to be in? 
A. All levels of fitness can benefit from InfraTherapy. Whether you are overweight or a highly trained athlete, SaunaLite can take your fitness to a higher level.

Q. Can I buy one for my house? 
A. Yes and we can ship worldwide.

Q Can I Use the SaunaLite With My Existing Fitness Equipment?
A. Yes, you can buy the SaunaLite separate and put it next to your existing equipment or you can buy the SaunaLite with a Treadmill or Elliptical Machine.

Q. What kind of weight loss results can I expect from the Program?
A. We already know that exercise burns calories which reduces weight.  The benefit of the SaunaLite is it amplifies these results.  You can burn up to 2X - 4X the amount of body fat in the same amount of time with the same effort by using SaunaLite.

The results will vary between individuals and their various life styles.  However, the average has been 5 ½ to 7 ½ inches over 15 sessions.  We measure results in inches, rather than weight as increased exercise increases muscle and decreases fat.  Muscle is more heavy then fat; therefore, you can trim your body size and tone your body yet not lose as much corresponding weight. 

Losing weight on SaunaLite has some significant advantages over other weight loss methods.  First of all, you are participating in cardiovascular exercise which improves your overall health.  The results of other so-called diets are based on water loss or dehydration which is temporary.  Regular use of the SaunaLite combined with a healthy lifestyle will give sustained and real results.

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Q. How often should I use the SaunaLite?
A. We recommend using SaunaLite three times per week. Length of sessions depend on your conditioning and your physician's advice. Thirty - minute sessions are the most common.

Q. Isn’t heat bad when you are exercising?
A. Too much heat causes fatigue which is bad but some heat is desirable for increasing circulation, releasing growth hormone, raising metabolism, increasing flexibility, reducing pain in joints, relieving certain skin disorders and circulation disorders such as diabetes.  The SaunaLite limits the amount of heat to a beneficial and enjoyable level and comes with a fan that the user can adjust for comfort. 

Q. What proof do you have this works?
A. We will not make a claim unless there is research backing it up, that is why we footnote all benefits on the “How It Works” page with the corresponding source of research.

Q. How much space does the SaunaLite take up & what is the set-up and maintenance?
A. You need 17 inches (43cm) of space on each side of your cardio equipment.  The device requires minimal assembly. The bulbs are inexpensive and are rated for 2000 hours so there is virtually no maintenance.
Q. Does SaunaLite Reduce Cellulite?
A. In short, the light produced by SaunaLite’s special infrared lamps convert light energy to heat energy, which penetrates the skin and subcutaneous layers which softens the cellulite pockets, while simultaneously increasing blood flow to the area.  This reduces fat while the increased blood flow improves the connective tissues which reduce the cellulite.

Q. Is SaunaLite just for people wanting to lose weight?
A. Absolutely not.  The SaunaLite used in conjunction with cardio exercise is for anyone who wants to:

  • Increase the efficiency and results of their workout in the same amount of time without increased effort
  • Increase strength, performance and endurance to a new level. A fit athlete can actually raise their aerobic threshhold.
  • Increase the amount of calories burned in the same amount of time
  • Increase their energy levels
  • Have a more fit body
  • Increase circulation to their entire body including the muscles and the brain
  • Accelerate and deepen their tan if used just prior to a tanning bed
  • Reduce stress
  • Improve their skin
  • Reduce joint pain
  • Remove and reduce toxins
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improve moods and feelings of well-being and sleep better

Q. Are there people that should not use the SaunaLite?
A. To use the SaunaLite you need to be in general good health, you should not use the SaunaLite if you are:

1. Pregnant
2. Have artificial limbs
3. Have any heart problems
4. Have a pacemaker or other stimulators
5. Have increased cartilage, and lessened pain sensibility due to other treatments
6. Have shortness of breath
7. Have been told by medical personnel not to exercise or be in abnormal heat.

Like all exercise programs, Halsatek USA and its affiliates do not provide medical advice, education or treatment.  The information contained on this web site is for general information purposes only and does not address individual circumstances or medical conditions.  Always consult your doctor for medical advice. 

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top of SaunaLite exercise therapy

The SaunaLite used in conjunction with cardio exercise is for anyone who wants to improve moods and feelings of well-being and sleep better.

SaunaLite infra red light exercise

Use SaunaLIte before going in a tanning bed to accelerate tanning results!

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